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Abolition May

Abolition May is a Turtle Island (aka North America)-wide coalition organized around action during May 2021 to demand the abolition of pigs (aka police) from campuses and from Earth. Days of action include May 3 - a day of refusal, and regional and local days of action, culminating on May 25 in a commemoration of the anniversary of George Floyd's death. A specific day of action in Kumeyaay Territory (aka the Tijuana/San Diego region) will be announced soon.

Monday, May 3  is Transnational Day of Refusal. "A coalition of campaigns across Turtle Island, from the east coast to the west and in between, ask you to honor a picket line by absenting yourself from class and otherwise withholding your labor in support of the demand to abolish all campus police. Honoring the picket line could mean: Joining the picket line on your campus // Canceling or refusing to attend a synchronous class // Refusing to watch asynchronous lectures // Refusing to pre-record a class or prepare other materials for later asynchronous use // Refusing to engage in other forms of university-based labor, including email response // Protecting any students, colleagues, and workers from retaliation // Attending a regional walkout action."

May 3 UCSD Day of Refusal:
NOON at the Audrey Geisel University Houseabolition mayabolition mayabolition may
(images at right link to twitter)

May 3 Virtual Sit-In at the UCSD Police web site - until midnight on May 3. participate here.

Cops off Campus Coalition May 3 Video Compilation

Abolition May Calendar (from the Abolition May web site)

For more information, stay tuned to this web site, to the UCSD FTP Coalition's twitter feed (twitter link) and to the Abolition May web site.

May 3 UCSD Day of Refusal

  • Goal of Protest: Demand all policing/police/state aggression off our campus. We are saying the names of Daunte Wright, Ma’Khia Bryant, Adam Toledo, Breonna Taylor, and speaking on how carceral systems are the cause of sustained settler violence. Accountability for George Floyd. #JusticeForAll 

  • Type of protest: Militant//Peaceful//Healing//de-escalation if necessary

  • PLEASE WALK TO Audrey Geisel University House--the street is for protestors (less cars=more people in solidarity)

  • Credit: Hoofprint Design & Nicole Marroquin

--“The photograph is from Nicole’s research into Chicago student organizing, and from the aftermath of the 1973 Froebel Student Uprising. The cops in Chicago still wear the same helmets, making the image feel timeless, which is unacceptable! You can reach Nicole via Instagram @nmarroq. Disclaimer: original graphic was modified to be UCSD-specific.”