Practicing Abolitionist Unionism - A Conversation with the GEO

Practicing Abolitionist Unionism - A Conversation with the GEO on Wednesday, April 28th, 6pm CDT/4PM PDT

Why should a labor union like the GEO be concerned with the project of abolition, in either its historical or contemporary forms?

How should the social technologies and ongoing structures of mass incarceration, police violence, settler colonialism and racial capitalism inform the politics and organizing strategies of the GEO?

To what extent are these things “labor issues”?

The ideal objective of this event is to explore these questions with our general membership and union siblings, and, to a lesser extent, the wider public. We will hear and learn from fellow unions at Northwestern GWU, University of Michigan GEO, and more - all of whom are practicing abolitionist unionism! This event is prioritizing dialogue and sharing information. Space will be opened for discussion at all levels - from those new to abolition, to those on the frontlines.

Open to union members only.

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