Article: California must lead the way in abolishing school and university campus police

The first days of 2021 — which will surely be remembered for police officers in Washington, D.C. removing barricades in order for white supremacists to storm the United States Capitol, confederate flag in hand — ask us to continue learning from the unprecedented uprisings of 2020, in which hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to protest anti-Black police violence. The 2020 uprisings articulated transformative visions of a world without anti-Black violence, a world without hyper-funded police forces and thus a world with deep community safety and care...

An end to policing as we know it is not only possible, but necessary. Students, faculty and other university workers have already been organizing to these ends, engaging in inspiring protests over the last decades in the face of relentless tuition increases, unlivable wages and anti-Black state violence. Indeed, more than half of the original members of Black Lives Matter were students, faculty and alumni of the CSU system.


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