Sign On in Support of PrOTECT

The Coalition for Police Accountability and Transparency is advocating for a law to be passed called PrOTECT (Preventing Overpolicing through Equitable Community Treatment). PrOTECT seeks to ban the use of consent searches and limit discretionary stops by police.

PrOTECT will:
• Require officers to have probable cause to stop or detain anyone (this includes “Fourth Waivers” - people on probation or parole who have waived some of their Fourth Amendment rights);
• Require probable cause for searches;
• Prohibit officers from questioning people about any offenses beyond the offense for which they were stopped unless the officers have probable cause; and
• Hold officers accountable if they violate the ordinance.

We are currently identifying people in academia to sign on in support of the ordinance. Go here to read and sign a support letter for PrOTECT from members of the academic community. The letter along with the complete list of signatories will be delivered to the mayor and city councilmembers when the policy is introduced at the San Diego City Council's Public Safety and Liveable Neighborhoods Committee.

PrOTECT Fact Sheet