Why Abolition?: Scripting Stories for Collective Change

UCSD's Critical Gender Studies Program, in collaboration with the Digital Gym, invite you to 2020-2021 Virtual Community Series themed "Materializing Abolition: Queer and Feminist Strategies." The events are designed for audience members to learn more about abolition in its everyday and community work. This series offers insight on current transformative justice practices and principles, and is intended to think critically about the harms of prison and police structures while offering tools for community empowerment. Topics stem from queer and feminist engagements with embodiment, systemic and institutional violence, and subversive alternatives to enliven the very material work of abolition happening in the here and now. 

Our first event, 'Why Abolition?: Scripting Stories for Collective Change' features two New York City changemakers, Donna Hylton and Marlon Peterson, both instrumental and outspoken anti-carceral advocates. Both activist-authors will discuss the process of writing their memoirs and how their written work takes part in collective action. Both Hylton and Peterson have been active community justice organizers and will speak more on the many projects they've been involved with to instill community from the ground-up. Please join us on Thursday, November 19th at 2pm to kick off this year's virtual community series! 

Thursday, November 19 2PM